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Decorative Concrete

  • Driveways

  • Residential Patios, Walkways, Sidewalks

  • Residential Garage Slabs



  • Houses

  • Fireplaces

  • Firepits

  • Chimneys

  • Pillars

  • Retention walls

  • Paver borders


Commercial Slabs

Since 2019, Tommy Concrete has been the top choice for builders and developers who demand the highest quality in every aspect of concrete installation.


Parking lots, concrete curbing, sidewalks, courtyards, shed floors and pool decks.



Being that Tommy Concrete is the neighbor’s fav concrete company we are pleased to announce a 10% discount on all quotes that cover 3 households or neighbors in the same community within 1,000 ft. 


Concrete framed up in smaller slabs than we have ever done before. Choose between stamping, color release for ghostwood, slate or leather finish with matte or shine topcoat and sealer. Customers of residences or cottages are using the TOMMYBLOCK for bar tops, steps, retention walls, vanity countertops and decorative ledges. 



Year Established


Projects Completed


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Since 1990 Tom Peters, owner operator of Tommy Concrete LLC, has been providing quality concrete services in the Fox Valley of WI. As a teen in Hortonville, he learned the trade from his stepdad while at C&M Construction. He worked alongside a peer while at M & T for years while building his customer database and reputation for great work. 
Tom is proud of his experiences as a cement mason and former foreman with larger corporate concrete and construction business until developing his own business in 2019. 
Tom is a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a reliable friend, papa to a large cow-like dog and a concrete man. 
Tom is joined by a team of professionals with 200 years of combined experiences in masonry, concrete, and construction. He is proud of the times their crew leaves customers with a fresh living space, that they too can enjoy increased family time in the area. Stylish patios, cozy firepit spaces, gorgeous walkways up north at cottages, maintenance of rental basements and safe and beautiful curb appeal are among the accomplishments.
Tommy Concrete LLC, “your neighbor’s concrete company” can be YOUR concrete contractor too, get your free estimate today! 



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Free estimates are a part of what Tommy Concrete Does to be a good neighbor. 

Fill out the form below, or give a holler over the fence and Tommy will be there! 


We serve the Fox Cities area and are willing to travel up to 60 miles for a project.

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We are not currently hiring any new crew members. If interested, please check back!

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Welcome to Tommy Concrete,”your neighbor’s concrete company” locally owned and insured. 


We are the preferred Concrete and Masonry company in the Fox Valley and surrounding area that is most often referred to by friends and neighbors. 

Tommy Concrete LLC offers a wide range of residential, commercial, and Industrial construction services with a professional approach and an emphasis on customer service. We are proficient in corresponding with architects, engineers, and associated vendors on your project. The crew of 8 concrete laborers and masons are supported by a Customer Care Specialist to provide impeccable communication on the project.


The mission for Tommy Concrete is to be a business that above all values families, improving their living spaces with quality construction at market competitive prices. 



If me and my neighbors all need work done, will you give us a discount?

We are happy to honor a 10% discount off the grand total for a minimum of 3 neighbors who seek work in the same season.

How are you different from other concrete companies?

NO ONE comes close to the quality work we do without compromising customer services. We are different from other concrete companies because we have a customer care specialist on staff whose sole role is to respond to your needs. Our owner has 30+ years’ experience, bolstered by a talented crew. We formalize professional quotes and exude integrity. Oh and we actually SHOW UP, get your project done without cutting corners. 

How do you compute costs for my quote? 

We do not provide a quote virtually. Tom prefers to go out on 100% of the contacts. We do not give blind quotes because so much is based on pitch, access points, and surrounding areas. It also gives us time to meet you and answer any questions.

How come another quote I got for the same sq. ft. was cheaper, should I go with them?

Like many things, concrete services vary and cheapest is not always best. Some companies skimp on rebar, increasing likelihood of heaving. Customers tell us stories of contractors no showing on them, failing to show up or return to finish work. Our quotes include costs for mileage, removal and carry away of existing land (asphalt, trees, deck or old crete) team of 6-8 staff to keep our work timely, products, labor of subcontractors needed and finishing and more.   

When will I need to reseal that, can you do it?

We certainly reseal the following season for a low cost ranging between 200-400 per project. 

Why can’t you give me a set date months in advance?

Mother nature impacts our plans significantly. Rain and storms in spring divert us from work so we make it up on evenings and weekends. We have learned not to provide any customer a set date and appreciate the grace to plan according across the season Spring-Fall. We reach out to customers when they are coming up soon on the docket so they know in advance and can move things out of the way. 

How does the weather impact my freshly poured concrete?

The thaw effect can move slabs, raising and dropping them again. Minor scaling can occur and cracks can be expected. Tommy Concrete inserts strategic saw cuts on larger pieces. While its the most gorgeous, in our environment of WI and the weather, stamping can sometimes hold water that turns to ice. Patios should be maintained and ice removed, avoid salting.  

Who’s responsible for permits?  Tom will notify you if a residential permit is required and if you are responsible for acquiring. 

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